Origins of the Black Idol

Available for purchase now! Origins of the Black Idol – Book One in the Mythos Division series

An artifact hidden for centuries…

A power man was not meant to wield…

A horror unlike anything ever unleashed…

Postgraduate student and Renaissance man Julius Godom uncovers the legend of a mysterious artifact rumored to hold the key to human understanding. He sets off on a journey that will take him around the world to India during the Roaring Twenties, chasing the only thing that will quench his thirst for knowledge.

Adventure turns to horror as Julius discovers he isn’t the only one searching for the Idol, and the power it contains may be more than what he’s prepared to deal with.

But a shadowy coterie of assassins has other plans.

Julius must navigate steamy markets, lush jungles, and perilous mountains to track down the Idol before it’s used to unleash an ancient horror that will rip apart the world with its own carnal desires.

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