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Snow Days

As the white glitter fell from the sky late this week, I like many of my fellow suburbanites wondered aloud, “Seriously?” The snow this half of the season has come on strong. Weather patterns or Mother Nature having decided the winter is not yet finished with those of us within reach of its grasp. During

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I’m just about there. That line every writer dreams of typing. The End. Fin. When all the work is done (insert laughs with occasional sobbing) and you can sit back and let the piece breathe. It’s like when a base runner in baseball rounds third. The third base coaches’ arm is windmilling like crazy and

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Buried Bones

Have you ever dug up bones? For that matter do you remember the opening scene from that iconic film Jurassic Park? Long before the raptors or the crazy T-Rex begin ripping apart everyone’s lives, the simple and quiet Dr. Grant is sitting on a dig site, playing with a claw and chiding some small boy

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