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Remember, Remember

  If you’ve crawled around the net this morning you’ve probably already seen the white mask commonly known as the Guy Fawkes mask, synonymous now with the hacker group Anonymous. This mask calls back to V for Vendetta, a movie from recent history where one revolutionary man stood up against a tyrannical British government and

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Go West

I’d heard the phrase before. During a childhood far more years ago than I once thought, I heard those words. Go West. After spending several days in the state of Colorado I can report many things for my Midwestern brethren who have not been. It is glorious. Far more that I could have first imagined,

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The Waiting

One of these days the books will write themselves. The robots will have analyzed every facet of our brains and they’ll craft the next great literary wonders. Inside their copper and gold neural networks they’ll piece together the best of what humans desire and you’ll have masterpiece after masterpiece to enjoy. Until then, I plan

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