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The Path Ahead

I find myself in a far different place than a week ago. Yet, even as I type these words, not much has changed. The pitch contest is over. The conference is done. The lessons are laid bare at my feet and now I must make a critical decision as to where to go next. With

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I’ve hit a wall of sorts this week. My excitement levels, tempered as they are, have bottomed out into the pool of cold gel where melancholy awaits. I wish I knew what for. I spent some of the week sitting at my home office, doing my day work wondering what it was all for. Any

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Into the wild

It took me longer to press the send button than I thought it would. I almost held my finger back and made another excuse from the long list of Author Excuses™ because sending your manuscript out is terrifying on several levels. Even to beta readers. People you know and trust in their opinions. Once you

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