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I’m just about there. That line every writer dreams of typing. The End. Fin. When all the work is done (insert laughs with occasional sobbing) and you can sit back and let the piece breathe. It’s like when a base runner in baseball rounds third. The third base coaches’ arm is windmilling like crazy and

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After returning from my travels to the south I sat down in the quiet moments and reflected on what I’d heard. As a “northerner” anything further than the Mason-Dixon line is a bit odd. Life moves at a different pace. The people seem strange, as I am a stranger in their lands. It is America,

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The Waiting

One of these days the books will write themselves. The robots will have analyzed every facet of our brains and they’ll craft the next great literary wonders. Inside their copper and gold neural networks they’ll piece together the best of what humans desire and you’ll have masterpiece after masterpiece to enjoy. Until then, I plan

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