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I fell asleep Tuesday night knowing in my heart that change was coming. Like so many others I didn’t get the presidential candidate I wanted, but that wasn’t the crux of my concern. My true concern was for the vast swath of people connected to me directly and indirectly who do not hold the passport

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The Distance

  Today’s blog is the first in the month of November, the oft dreaded month of elections, Thanksgiving dinners, and NanoWriMo for my literary friends. I’ve spoken my part on the election already, so to keep you reading I’m going to move past it because you’re undoubtedly sick and tired of hearing everyone talk about

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A six letter word that means different things to everyone. For some it’s a word which evokes difficult feelings, ones mired in the emotions of a troubled childhood. For others it’s a warm blanket they could not cast away. Family doesn’t limit itself to blood relations in my mind, it intertwines through all the people

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