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Making It Stick

Plaster is a sticky substance. I found this out years ago when I worked as a security installer. It was the first time I’d ever been a field technician and had to repair walls. I started in the residential side of the business, making sure homes were protected against break ins and giving the elderly

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I think the first time felt the true pang of jealousy was in high school. I’ve no doubt I’d felt it before, but the burn of real jealousy takes a desire so powerful that it overwhelms the senses. To be clear this isn’t envy, which is far different when you examine what they both are.

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My Mother’s Son

Long before I dedicated myself to any singular passion, before I became enthralled with travel and seeing new locations, even before I rolled dice in my first D&D game, I was my mother’s son. When my brother and I were younger, I spent countless hours underfoot and near skirt learning what I could from her.

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