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I think the first time felt the true pang of jealousy was in high school. I’ve no doubt I’d felt it before, but the burn of real jealousy takes a desire so powerful that it overwhelms the senses. To be clear this isn’t envy, which is far different when you examine what they both are.

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My Mother’s Son

Long before I dedicated myself to any singular passion, before I became enthralled with travel and seeing new locations, even before I rolled dice in my first D&D game, I was my mother’s son. When my brother and I were younger, I spent countless hours underfoot and near skirt learning what I could from her.

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New Horizons

If I use my microscope and look at my family, this summer will mark a wonderful new beginning for Emalee and I at the wedding. If you’ve ever gotten married you know the frenzied nature of “do all the things” in the months prior. We have lists, and spreadsheets, invoices, and all manner of tracking

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