Flexible Realities


Stasis is by its very nature a fixed point. The regular order of our lives tips us close to stasis, and that’s where reality prefers us to be. Partly out of a need to keep us in line and partly to keep the rest of the world spinning right along. You get up, you go to work, you do your job, you eat dinner and find your personal analgesic before you drift off to the land beyond the wall of sleep.

Day to day most of us do it, but the order we need to keep our sanity comes at a price.

We stop believing in fairies, we grow slow and predictable, ultimately refusing to dream about anything else other than what’s for sale at Target or Lowe’s. We fear the wind in our hair; the chaos of a life without a calendar. Stasis and order can be broken, but the ifs and what’s become terrifying monsters to chase us back into the security of our prefabricated caves. This is where the safety is, we tell ourselves. This is where I should stay.

And yet some of us choose to believe as we did when we were young – reality is malleable. It exists in a liquid we cannot grasp or hold, yet we can perceive it and interact with the facets of it we choose to. As children we keep it as far away from us as we can, because reality is the substance which means an end to our fun. A castigation aimed at driving us from the land of make-believe. It is the Captain Hook to our Peter Pan. This is why we must resist the call of stasis, each in our own way. We must give in to the chaos when we can, whether it be a road trip on a moment’s notice or taking the path we’ve always feared.

I choose to walk this ladder with my writing. Life in the past decade has changed dramatically for me, but in my mind’s eye I’m still the fresh faced kid running through the woods as reality bends to my will. I guard that fire inside with a jealousy I keep for few things. It keeps me young, or that’s what I tell myself. Find that thing in your life that reminds you life isn’t one long chain of days on repeat.

Addendum: Spring is here…or maybe not. It’s the midwest so per the usual no one has any idea. Winter and Spring are busy fighting for the temperature control and like many I welcome our Spring overlords. I got a taste of warmer weather last week, but I paid a price for it on the way home. Initial feedback on the manuscript is good, but I have a list of things to correct in it, all normal. No first or second draft is good, but with time and work it will get there. I look forward to you reading it in the not to distant future.