Eulogy for the House


Goodbye House. You have seen much in your day. Far more than I know, and far more than you are willing to say. I have grown tired of the voices trapped within your walls. Tired even more of the memories they recall. I leave you behind now, in a better state than I first found you in, but before I go, this I must avow.  

You have weathered the storm of so many lives, too many to count, but still I must try.

You weathered a newborn, swaddled and warm. You protected a dog who needed a new home.

You watched over my family for years without qualm. You supported me when I was left all alone.

You’ve made quite a name for yourself over the years, hosting parties and game nights, even campfires with beer.

You gave me a seat to watch my children grow, and now a decade has passed and so much more I know.

I know the pain and the joy of a life well spent. In your depths I have written five books and half of a sixth.

I swore to myself I was ready to leave, that no part of me would remain when I signed over the deed.

Yet truth be told, I will always exist here. In those same walls I loathe, those empty rooms I cannot bare to be in, walking those same creaking floors. In this House I rebuilt my life in, you gave me the grey hairs tucked under my chin.

You see life has gotten so much better for me. I’ll take the lessons I learned here to the next house I see. So goodbye House. Treat the next owner well. May they live under your roof and in all things excel.