Thank you


Have you passed out yet? No? Good. I want your attention for a moment.

There’s a ton of these posts and reposts up today. It’s Thanksgiving and we’re all being told to be thankful, which many of us are, but we do so out of a desire to fulfill the need to stay within the social norms of our holiday cohorts. I want to encourage you to go beyond that today. Somewhere between the turkey and the bread, the beers and the cranberry sauce, find the time to really connect with the people around you and tell them how thankful you are for them.

When we are thankful we show more than simple pleasantries and manners, we show the best part of humanity. The part that eschews the need for being first or best, the part of humanity that supplicates and remains honorable. For what are we without our honor? This is more than the militaristic view of honor, because in this sense it takes on a more solemn tone. We must be thankful for all we have, all we share, and all we have experienced in our time together. That kind of honor is available to everyone, no matter if they put on a uniform of not.

Be thankful that you have family – because there are those who will spend this day alone.

Be thankful that you can read this message – because there are those who live without power.

Be thankful for the food you will eat today – because so many people on this Earth go without.

We are truly lucky to live in the age we do. Those who came before us helped forge the path we now walk on. We should be thankful for the sacrifices they made to place us in the spot we are in – a place where we too can make a sacrifice for those younger than us – even those who have not been born yet. Your world is more than you. It is more than your list of things to do today. It is filled with people who wear blinders to the world around them – resolve to not be that person.

I wish you the best in your time and travels today. I sincerely hope you spend it rapturous joy, filled with all the foods you desire.

And save a piece of pie for me, I’m sure I’ll get around to it.