Humanity has the unique ability to take any truth presented to it and warp it to the point where the brain allows that truth to be denied. We can argue all day about what truth is and what it isn’t, but keep in mind that even though it’s 2017, there are people who still honestly believe the world is flat. Yep, The Flat Earth Society still exists. Not only do they exist, but their ability to deny that our Earth is round is so staunch that live video will not break this powerful enchantment.

What makes this possible? The human brain. That one lone organ – the most complex organ we possess – is the one thing which keeps the power of any belief going. To deny a truth in front of your face one would have to have the most stubborn mind, one filled with a powerful ability to deny and keep denying things which challenge any other vision. Yet every single human living and those who’ve come before us have wielded this power with great ease. Denial is something every single one of us do when the stars align.

Characters go through denial, in books and in real life. Aramon’del Windrunner went through a serious load of denial in Agents of the Beyond. He transfers his feelings of a woman he’d lost, to a woman he’d just met in Syllis. I wrote this from a position of personal experience, having dealt with a rather destructive denial in my own life. I find this is the most effective way to write any character, raw emotions set to the page. The situation is nowhere near the same, but facets of it are close.

In the recent weather disasters (Hurricanes Harvey and Irma at the time of this writing) we’ve seen examples of both Texans and Floridians who’ve chosen to stand pat where they are and stare massive storms in the face. Then when the storms come and the cities flood we hear the reports of disasters and death tolls. I stare in awe, befuddled at the magnitude of it, but in awe of their powers of denial. I have friends who live in both states who were unable to leave because of their jobs, and I am happy to report tonight that both are safe.  

And now I flip the script.

Denial is a wonderful and strengthening tool when used in the proper fashion. Denying your foes the energy they seek from you when they rear their ugly heads is an excellent use of denial. In the same way so is denying the voice inside you that says you cannot excel or win at your chosen passion. The Inner Voice is so much more powerful than we give it credit for. We as a people talk to ourselves far more than we let on. Hold those destructive voices in check and shed anyone who keeps you from your goal. These voices only rise higher and louder the closer you get to the finish line, including that Inner Voice.

I never knew I could write a book until I did. I didn’t know I could write a second or third, until I did. Or a screenplay, or a novella. I had voices around me who told me that I would never be a writer, that I would never accomplish anything as a professional writer (the jury is arguably still out). These voices are all around us, in our lives and in our social media accounts, but the difference is I chose to listen to the positive ones and shed the destructive. I denied the words which said I couldn’t, and chose to listen to my Inner Voice which said I could. I recommend you do the same.