The Day that Almost Never Came


Today is a magical day. One part my magic, and one part hers. It’s also made up of all the magic our friends and family bring to this day, because a wedding like this will include so many wonderful moments no one can foresee. For that I am eternally grateful. I would rather life and the experiences we will share together be something mysterious, something soft and pleasant, yet also indelible. It will be the day we have dreamed about.

I held my part of this dream for months before I asked her to spend the rest of her life with me. It wasn’t an easy task. Secrets like this eat away at your insides and root around until they try to come roaring out on their own. But I did my level best to keep the clamps on. I asked her in the place we first met, a fountain area downtown, just after we’d gotten coffee at a local shop around the corner.

Yet this almost didn’t happen.

When our mutual friend Amanda posted on Facebook that she was going downtown to City Market I wasn’t sure if I’d go. I tend to spend a lot of time by myself, which is when I get the writing done. I still wonder to this day what would have happened if I’d chose to stay home. She and I have so many common friends, yet we’d never met. I firmly believe we didn’t meet because we weren’t supposed to until that Friday night.  Yet I went downtown, I hung out with Amanda and her son, which was a ton of fun. We listened to live music, grabbed some food, and enjoyed the nice late summer weather.

We went to the fountain because one of Amanda’s friends was stopping by to hang out. Little did I know that the person I was about to meet would become my wife. I’m still stunned it’s all happened this way. Make no mistake I wasn’t sure I’d ever walk down any aisle. Pain and scars can leave deep marks on the psyche, ones which we tend to lean on for future encounters. This is how the human brain is wired. Once you experience this kind of pain, you tend to shy away from having it happen again.

But this is not the way my heart works.

On the same precipice where fear keeps you from moving forward stands the rush of passion, and that is the wind which fills my sails. It brought us together that night, where we talked for hours. She was and still is one of the most honest people I know, and that means I get her unfiltered opinion on everything. With our culture as it is these days, I found it refreshing.

Hours from now we will come together in front of the people we both care about and make our vows known to the world. We will honor those present and those who could not be, showing our love for both families. Will it be perfect? No, nothing is perfect. Yet in those imperfect moments we will build memories which have no need to be perfect because they are ours.

Addendum: In our world of darkness and division I hope you can still see the hope that still exists. It’s out there trust me. If we want hope then we have to be a part of the solution, a part of what makes this world a decent place to live. When you dream about what you want your life to be, make sure that you realize every person on this planet is dreaming just like you.