In my life experience – limited as it is – I have come to the understanding that timing is everything. From all the ups and downs I experienced in 2014 to the soaring heights I find myself enjoying right now. Time is fluid and our perception of it changes depending on if we’re waiting on something to happen or if we’ve taken the day off of all responsibility to just nap.

When you choose to do things matters. This includes inaction as well, because it is also an action. Choosing to do nothing can have massive consequences, not just in your life, but in the lives of those around you.

All this gets boiled down in our minds allowing us to rationalize and justifying our actions to make ourselves feel good. We’re humans, we want to feel good, so it’s no surprise to me when people (myself included) do things which only help themselves. These choices even come in the face of the need to do good for those around them. Selfishness is something we humans know all too well.

I used to think that we were better than those base emotions. The greed of self. The truth is some of us are, and some can’t see past the need to enrich themselves at the expense of others, even running headlong into contradicting their own self-professed values and religious beliefs. These humans haven’t shed the base nature of our species. They exist on their favorite drug mainlined into their bloodstream – “What is good for me.”

Make no mistake the world we live in – not just America – is changing. Its always been changing, but as interconnected as our society is in this age we feel every tug on the spider’s web we now call home. You may not choose to feel anything about the poor and sick people around the world, but you aren’t immune from hearing about it. Social media dominates much of the population, to the point where people have developed anxiety and fear of missing out on things if they don’t stay current with their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, accounts. What’s worse is – we are breeding the next age of children, ones who won’t grow alongside the internet, but live steeped in its every swing and digital turn.

I wonder when we as a species are going to figure out that what makes us so close can be the same thing that drives us apart. Differences in culture, religion, and language can be overcome – because to be blunt – we have better things to be doing. The recent political changes in US Healthcare make me wonder how shortsighted we’ve really become. If we as a nation are healthier overall, doesn’t that make our country better? Doesn’t it make us stronger? Make no mistake – the healthcare debate is not over. Beyond all the social media reaction I watched yesterday, there are real people who are hurting and dying. Our fellow Americans deserve a better system to deal with cancer than a insurance company who won’t cover them or a social media campaign to raise money.

We can be better than this, but only if we make that choice.  

And the clock is ticking.