Burning Bright


Last night during a writing session I began to think about what makes a great piece of writing. As is true with any artist who takes their work seriously, I want to create something which I feel entertains but also one which could be considered great. Greatness in any form takes a ton of work, dedication, and focusing on the right piece at the right time. And here’s the tough part –

I have no idea if that will ever happen, but if I don’t believe in myself first, I can guarantee you it never will.

The piece in question haunts my dreams, my waking hours. It steals my concentration at the dinner table because my mind can’t stop wandering. There are times where I don’t feel well and writing is the only thing that makes me feel better. This passion – my life’s passion – is a sickness and the only cure is engaging in the activity which I’ve become wonderfully addicted to.

As I’ve mentioned before here, the story surrounds several families who come from different backgrounds, but the story also delves into the political hot points of the day. The goal is to make a story so rich and well developed that the reader gets lost among the stars and intrigue I’ve presented. As a writer I have to ask myself if it’s good enough, if it fits the overall look and feel of what I want to convey. This goes beyond an idea, it comes down to developing strong themes throughout the series and making sure characters stay true to themselves or if they break their own rules, making sure that they “feel” the after effects.

The series isn’t just about writing the present for those in it, because without creating the “how did we get here” parts of the backstory is just as important. In our own lives, history has shaped how our parents saw the world, and in turn how they chose to filter that world and its politics to us as children. As we grew, those stories and events may have been challenged by what we chose to believe, all of which eventually get distilled down to create the basis of our viewpoints. This is why the “And so it came to pass..” parts of the series is so critical. When you jump hundreds of years into the future, you have to decide how we get from to here to there. Those choices, much like the choices the characters make in the process of the story, have consequences.

So what does all this mean?

In the end I the only thing I can guarantee is that this book and all books beyond it, will be the best thing I can create at the time they are created. I will never fail to give everything I have to make the experience you have when reading my books worth your time. I am at my core an entertainer. It is my job and my life’s passion. When you read what I’m creating now I promise it will be worth your time.

Addendum: I was reminded this week, in somewhat of a harsh way, that people change. It’s something I’ve become very familiar with over the recent years, and I was reminded of the fact that people tend to be so wrapped up in their own lives they rarely realize the effect they have on others.

When people change make sure to take note.