Mysticism in Modern Life


We humans are a funny lot. We place our faith in the unseen or the random, abdicating the responsibilities set upon our lives instead taking up the reins ourselves. To be fair to us – it’s easier to do this than face the fact that our personal ups and down are largely on our own heads. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard – “God is challenging me” or “The Universe is against me”

Is it though?

There’s no way to back any of these things up with facts, and not surprisingly, the same people will tell you when things go good for them – “What a wonderful thing God has done for me”, so it’s hard to believe facts would change their mind anyway. This is how many humans have acted by and large for most of recorded history. At the same time there are those who don’t believe in any higher power, so much so, their non-belief is just as strong and strident as their faithful fellows. These folks will preach to anyone who will listen that God isn’t dead because he never existed to begin with and if you disagree you must scientifically prove he exists to their standard or shut up.

And here I am – again not surprisingly – in the middle.

I prefer the middle path because it gives me a greater amount of flexibility and agility when it comes to dealing with either group. I see and understand the desire to place faith in something higher than one’s self, out of a desire to have someone to pray to or because it combats the lonely feelings that come hand in hand with being human. I also understand the scientific argument that says “Prove it or leave it out of the conversation” – both lines make sense to me. Each camp of people give me fuel for writing. Having walked among the faithful for so long, I know how their brains work to compartmentalize the good and bad things happening in their lives, and for the Atheists, the cold doctrine of science can be great for understanding the black and white of any situation.

In my current piece faith plays a part of some of the character’s lives, even in a future where humanity has shed the trappings of Earth and found itself on a different path than we are used to seeing. Technology has risen to the point of godhood in many eyes, and that begs the question of where we find ourselves in the current time stream. How many of us see and treat technology as the Gods of old? How many of us wake to it, take breakfast with it, even pray to it (in hopes our battery will last long enough) Has technology replaced God in the lives of the current and former generation? To some extent I say yes. It responds faster than prayers and generally does what we ask it to.

The question I’ll leave you with is this – Is that a good thing? Should humanity continue on the path which sets course for everyone being their own personal Jesus or should we keep some faith in reserve for a being which might never show itself to be real just in case?

Addendum: The weather is beautiful where we live and I hope to spend some of the day outside enjoying it after spending so much of the past week indoors feeling less than 100%. The tuxedo fitting for the wedding is done and I believe we will look sharp for the big day.

Until next time – thank you for reading and sharing!