The vacation is over

So vacation is over in many ways. Gen Con finished up two weeks ago, and it took some time to recover from the 4-5 days of craziness. The trip wouldn’t have happened at all without my friend Lonnie, who footed the hotel bill and Monte Cook Games who bought my badge in exchange for working the weekend for them in some respects.

In short, I had a lot of help and did my best to return it to those who helped.

With Agents out in the open now, I get return to my desk with the sole purpose of beginning the next novel. This means a return to the world I shaped with my own hands and mind, the world of The Mythos Division. I’ve always loved the works of H.P Lovecraft and inspired works from that type of horror. The idea that something strange and alien exists just on the edge of our perceptions, scraping itself into our world when we least expect it. The Mythos Division series is based in the 1920s, beginning with a young and inquisitive man who delves deep into the jungles of India to find a lost artifact. His life, and the lives of those around him, unravel afterwards as the box opened cannot be resealed.

My time spent in Numenera was excellent. As a setting, the Ninth World provides such a rich source material to work from, but in the end it isn’t mine. I took the opportunity to play in someone else’s sandbox, made my castles and moats, but now I return to where I lay the stone foundation. I’ve enjoyed hearing from fans of the first two books who want me to write the next part of Julius’ story, which brings me to the meat of this post.

If I’m honest – which I tend to be – you should know that it’s not Julius’ story. In that regard it isn’t any one single person’s story. The new novel will have new characters, as I expand what readers come to understand about my version on the mid 1920’s life. It will still be anchored in realistic history, real newspaper stories, radio broadcasts, etc, but with a paranormal twist or two.

Over the past year I’ve gone through a lot of personal changes, some good and some bad. Depression hit me late last year in a way it never had before. I didn’t have any tools to figure out what happened, or how to deal with what my mind was telling me. This meant long nights spent alone in my house, just wishing I could piece things back together. For anyone who struggles with depression, I deeply sympathize and I wish you the best finding the light out of that tunnel.

I turned to weight loss as a goal for making my life better. It gave me something to focus on besides the work on Agents. I’ve lost over 75 pounds to date and I feel better than I ever have in my life. This is how I managed my depression. It isn’t for everyone, but a way out is possible if you want it. There are tons of blogs out there which deal with it directly

He spoke about it recently in a Youtube video

I got an opportunity to meet him at Gen Con and give him a copy of Agents, which was a birthday present to him, but in a way a sort of thank you to him for what he’s opened up about.