A fresh new look on an old haunt

As with all things, the cycle of birth-death-rebirth continues. If you came by my blog in a previous incarnation, then you’ll be surprised to see I’ve wiped the slate clean. This has been critical for what I am doing as a writer moving forward. I have many stories to tell as you’ll come to see, so lets get on with the show.

This blog will serve as the landing point of many of the short stories, tales, myths and rumors that will take place in a world not unlike our very own. I’ll save your eyes from any current political or religious dramas, but I’ll issue a fair warning that many different viewpoints will be expressed in my writing, and you might not agree with all of them, or any of them.

The tales you’ll read here are of struggle, investigation and a feverish desire to find out what lurks behind that closed door or the thing at the edge of your perception. They will take place in far-flung locations and in years long since passed.

The series of short stories that I post here will one day be bound together into something for you to put on your shelf and read when you need a change of perspective or simply something to inspire your own tales of greatness.

For it is greatness that this blog is named after and it is important to clarify that ahead of time. Greatness comes in many forms – heroism, selflessness, chivalry, understanding, charity, or perhaps a great sense of superiority. In these tales you will come to learn what makes our characters great and what makes them fragile and fallible. You will read of their great trials and toils for what they seek.

Not all adventures end in glory, but greatness comes in many forms.