Introducing the 5 W’s Podcast



So here we are my friends – the next path. I’ve tossed and turned over the potential ways to get you more of my thoughts and I feel this method is the smoothest. I considered putting my silly face on Youtube, but because of my schedule, this route feels like the best way. Time will tell.

So what is the 5 W’s podcast? – I’m glad you asked. Put simply, it’s a podcast about writing and the long road writers walk. We’ll cover some of the basics in the episodes, but we’ll also dig deeper and find out more about what makes writers do what they do. You’ll hear my thoughts on the industry, what makes great stories, and what I do when I get stuck staring at a flashing cursor.

We’ll dig into what the topic of the episode means and where it gets applied to writing, without getting too wonky. The nitty gritty stuff has been done by others. My focus is going to be on where we can apply it in your current project, because without looking at where we can apply it, all we’re doing is spinning our wheels.

Each episode will have a specific topic, some of which might be deeper than they appear on the surface. We’ll talk about when the subject matter became front and center for me. I’ll give some credit in this section of the show too, because it’s important to show some love to the people who opened your eyes.

As we wind towards the homestretch, we’re also going to get into a point / counterpoint discussion. We’ll ask – Why does this matter? Furthermore, we’ll ask if it matters at all. I don’t believe in a ton of absolutes when it comes to writing, but there are a few I do believe in. This section will also include listener interaction from previous episodes where your comments and interaction on social media will get a voice on the show. Agree or disagree, let’s chop it up and maybe we can all learn something together.

In the final section, you’ll get to see who’s on my list. I make lists when I write and the show will be no different. I’ll give more than just shout outs though; I’ll talk about why they should be on your list. It might be because of a book they wrote, because they’re a solid follow on social media, or maybe they just make great music to write to! This is also an excellent place to hear from you the listener. If someone hasn’t made my list and you think they should – let me hear it.

Now if you’ve paid any attention at all, you’ll know one reason why I call it the 5W’s Podcast. I look forward to being in your car, tagging along with you at the gym, or maybe coaxing you into a nice Sunday afternoon nap. Stop over and give us a follow on Twitter (@5Wspodcast) – I’ll also post links to each show here and on my Facebook author page for folks who avoid the blue bird. 

For now, I have a show to get ready for. Have a great Sunday!