Agents of the Beyond

On the windswept Plains of Kataru doom has come to the remote trading post known as The Beanstalk. Arriving at a most unfortunate time are two travelers, a young white haired jack named Aramon’del Windrunner and his stout glaive companion Grom. Scavengers turned respectable traders, the duo have searched the northern Beyond for trinkets and wondrous numenera, all with the hope their hard work will lead to fortune.

But a twist of fate eliminates any chance the two have at recovering enough shins for their trip back to the Steadfast, all while a newcomer confirms their suspicion about the local Aeon Priest. Forced to choose between allowing a deadly situation to unfold the duo act, and they are quickly pulled into a cataclysmic event which shakes the trading town to its very core.

The mysterious newcomer, Syills, is revealed as a powerful nano from the north, who has been promised to King Falton of Nebalich. Enlisting the two men as guides, the new trio plumb their way through the vastness of the Beyond, believing themselves ready for what is to come.

A twinkling jewel, the city of Picalah awaits them, yet safety will not be found there. Deep beneath the surface an ancient being slumbers, but a demented magistrate bent on ruling the Beyond has hatched a plan to shake the land its foundation.

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